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GL KT-type movable table



Materials using the world's most advanced large-scale presses made ​​of high strength aluminum alloy extrusion.


Guideways 65Mn economic and durable flat strip.

Multi-segment positioned so that work becomes calm.


spec. 型号 1600KT 3200KT 3800KT
length of the Table工作台长度 1600mm 3200mm 3800mm
width of the Table(a)台面宽度(a) 360mm 360mm 360mm
height of the Table(h)台面高度(h) 156mm 156mm 156mm
installing position(b)安装位置(b) 270mm 270mm 270mm

saw blade tilting 45°45°

saw blade tilting 45°45°

saw blade tilting 45°45°

Saw a 45 ° angle space 锯片倾斜45°空间(c) 35mm 35mm 35mm

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